Saturday ▫ 10 August 2013

A full day of wedding festivities is planned at Anvil Vineyard & Ranch (see Transportation for shuttle details) – the highlights begin in the afternoon! We’re excited for the day to be a participatory celebration – if you’re so inclined, we’d love you to bring your musical instrument, hula hoop, dancing monkey, picnic game or parlor trick to share.

9am ▫ catch the early bus!

10am-1pm ▫ brunch, board games

’til 3pm ▫ hiking, mountain biking, lake swimming, disc golf, horseshoes

3pm ▫ draft brew, shady relaxing

4pm ▫ wedding!

4:30pm ▫ cocktails, nibbles, bubbly, cornhole

6pm ▫ family-style supper, wine

7pm ▫ Slowpoke Acoustic, sweet bites

8:30pm ▫ Physical Graffiti, festival village, open bar

10pm ▫ DJ mALaRkey~, mischievous revelry

midnight ▫ DJ Soules, after-party shenanigans, hot tub

2am ▫ coconut water & last shuttle