wed attire xxxxxxxYour Most Stylish Play Clothes!

What do we mean by this??

Casual is key: Anvil Vineyard and Ranch is rustic, remote site that we’ve chosen for the stunning natural beauty of the area, as well as the opportunity for myriad outdoors activities and uninhibited freedom to enjoy our celebration. As we are styling the weekend along a Summer Camp Festival theme, we hope that guests will feel comfortable and enthusiastic to relax and participate without the hindrance of uncomfortable shoes or stuffy threads. However, we’d certainly like to encourage a festive spirit of stylish expression that honors this once-in-a-lifetime day for us.


Northern Sonoma County weather is ideal in early August: mid-day temperatures reach a basking 32°C (mid-to-high 80s°F) – possibly warmer! After sunset, the area reliably cools off to a refreshing 12°C (low-to-mid 50s°F), so we recommend bringing layers as our festivities are staged entirely outside and will go well into the evening. You might wish to bring an outfit change (e.g. cozy, fun after-party tights & wraps, or a swimsuit: lake! hot tub!) as there will be ample room in the guest houses to stash your stuff and freshen up.

We certainly are not dictating a dress code (go ahead – wear white, black, short skirts or sparkles!), but rather offering helpful suggestions if you’d like some attire guidance (considering the weather, terrain (somewhat unpaved and un-flat), activities and spirit of the celebration):

wed attire hippieboho chic

hipster formal

wed attire youngfestive panache

funky flair

creatively dashing

ruggedly swanky

stylishly fun

**colors, textures, prints, feathers, ribbons, ruffles, tights, hats, vests, ties, vintage, leather**

For inspiration, check out our Pinterest board for a few images gathered to enthuse your outfit selections.

“…uh, I see lots of suspenders in the pictures – there’s no way I’m rocking that look!”

If this is all still a bit confusing or challenging to your creativity, please don’t stress – just remember that you should be comfortably expressing your style, so wear what makes you happy (’cause, of course, you’ll have more fun, and that will make us happy, too!)